Are you a student , teacher , social worker , psychologist, artist, specialist in the recovery of children with ASD or simply want to help us?

Depending on your interest, motivation and your aspirations, you can opt to be:
- Volunteer parents who can help other parents
- Volunteers, friends of people with autism
- Volunteers for special classes for children with autism
- Volunteer professional consultants, trainers
- Volunteers for fundraising events
- Volunteers for awareness campaigns
- Volunteers for translations
- Volunteers for organizing events

You should not have special training for that, you just have to be open minded and able to learn new things about the people, to value a person even if it is different from you, to desire to help a person or a family in order not to feel isolated and marginalized .

Why get involved?
Our volunteers will be able to:
- Receive specialized trainings;
- Have access to specialized materials regarding children with autistic spectrum disorder and applied behavior analysis ;
- Will assist in the recovery of children with autism;
- Will have the benefit of preparation and accumulation of experience in the application of ABA therapy;
Also, if necessary, we will provide certificates of making specialty practice for volunteers who meet the hours required.
After the volunteering period you will be able to become a therapist in the Association .

If you choose the area where you want to volunteer, you can send us your resume by writing a short message to the following e-mail: sosautismrm@gmail.com