AO „SOS Autism” represents an apolitical, non-governmental organization. Its main goal is special protection of children with autism and their families. The organization was founded in May 2008 by a group of parents with autistic children.
We are the lawyers of our children, the main spokespersons to the authorities of Republic of Moldova ;we are the ones that draw a warning about autism and problem of people that have this syndrome; we inform and sensitize the community regarding the problems of the autistic children and their families.

Missions of AO “SOS Autism” are:
• Empowering children with autism
• Including children with autism into the society
• Organizing and participating in seminars, meetings, conferences, lessons, etc. in order to solve/find solutions to issues related to autism
• Representing and defending the rights of people with autistic spectrum disorders
• Supporting families of people with autism
• Creating into the society of a tolerant and accepting majority available to help people with autistic spectrum disorders