Into the world of silence…


In all the pictures you will see me smiling…That is because I don`t understand what is really happening around me. I live into my own world and am happy nearby my parents.

Mommy is trying to teach me to love my sister, to smell the flowers, to say what I want but I don`t understand why would I need all of it…I am 7 years old but I never go out to play by myself, because I don`t know what is dangerous for me so I always have a person to accompany me. I don`t speak and I don`t play with children of my age because I don`t understand their games…I am an autistic…

There are two of us…


(…one lovely autumn day, at ultrasound, “CONGRATULATIONS! You have twins!”. Yes, 2 handsome boys, Cristi and Nichita, who changed our lives)

At the age of 2 years and 6 months the big torment started: psychiatrists, neuropediatrics, geneticists, homeopathic doctors, psychologists and speech therapists – our children`s friends. We gave them vitamins, meds, capsules, granules, drops and injections.

At the age of 3 years 5 months they started to be suspected of autism. Now we are 3 years 11 months old. Cristi is talking (not very clear), Nichita – not yet. But we don`t lose our hope. We go to an usual kindergarten (speech working group) and do activities at home. 

What do we dream of?

Not of high schools and universities or to have any career, but become one day parents in law, to be happy to have grand-children and, if God pleases, maybe even grand-grand-children. Ah, yes! And to see them smiling every time.   

We are growing up…

(Cristian, 6 years and a half old. At the present he is diagnosed with autism)

Biography: Born premature – on the 37th week. Until the 9th month he was developing normal for his age and didn`t suffer of anything, didn`t even get a fever. At the age of 9 months as a result of an unhappy accident he got a cranio-cerebral concussion grade II, followed by a party of left hemiparesis.

He started to walk at the age of 1 year 3 months and during this period he began to pronounce few syllables. A bit later he starts to imitate animals but in a while this disappears and the syllables appear again.

Going ups and going downs, and we are in a continuous treatment.

We, as parents, thought it is just a late developing speech as it happens pretty all the time to the children (I remind you that he was saying few things but it wasn`t enough for the age of 4 years and a half) so we  hoped he will start to talk. At last we decided to go to see specialists, first to the speech therapist, second to the psychiatrists who diagnosed him with autism. Since then along to the recovering treatment for the hemiparesis we follow psychiatrist`s advises and work with a specialist in ABA therapy. We see improvements on Cristi`s behavior and are happy for every progress, it doesn`t matter how insignificant it is.

We wish all children a lot of good health and do not know what the disease is.

My friends…


If one day your child will fall into his own internal world how far would you go to save him?