Therapy ABA

Intervention in the center

Many parents wonder where will be for their child better to begin therapeutic intervention in a specialized center or at home? Our answer is that both of them are useful for your child, as long as the child is under training. 

But differences are: the level of implementation of education programs. 

In the center, the environment is designed so that a session can run more efficiently. All stimulus are placed so that the child is caused to ask what they want and, in this way, we work at development of communication. Also, in the center children have games that they do not have at home, this thing make easy the cooperation between the child and the therapist. We mean here fine motor skills, gross motor skills, development toys, or even a simple car or doll, because the child is interested in something new. 

A child with ASD needs to be exposed to environments with various distractions, noise, so they can learn to filter information and to stay focused on his task. At the special center it’s possible. Besides, it is necessary for children with ASD to make generalization, namely the exchange of teaching materials, exchange of workroom and exchange of therapists. So in this way your child will learn new acquisition indifferent of therapists.