Characteristics of children with autism

The following characteristics can be specific to a child with autism:
• lack of response to adult requests or calls (except the case the child with autism wants it)
• also there is an image of not hearing or understanding what is required to the child;
• lack of visual contact when it is shown something to the child or when the child is asking the adult for something,
• the interaction with peers is not effective although the child with autism can tolerate thei presence near him or even be glad they are nearby,
• protests occuring when being asked to do something or one insist on receiving a response from him/her;
• the game presents a stereotyped character (using objects or toys always the same way, for example: closes / opens them, knocks the objects in certain places, spins them, etc.), or is not attracted by the toys rather likes to play with empty bottles, strings, plastic bags etc.;
• the objects are not used in their usual way (they are licked, shaken, fill and empty bottles, etc.);
• presence of sensory disturbances sometimes manifested by the need to achieve anything, to lick, to touch, or refusing to come into contact with certain textures, to taste certain food, etc.;
• presence of stereotyped behaviors: puts in series and align objects, spinning or waving hands or small objects, etc.
• trouble eating and sleeping problems;
• refusal or incapacity of using words for communication purpose;
• “toe” walk, or bizarre movements of the body or hands;
• Echolalia (endlessly repeat sounds, words, commercials, etc.).

An autistic child involved into an intensive therapy program before the age of 3 has a very good chance to catch up in development and build his/her social skills and appropriate behavior.
ABA (applied behavioral therapy) is proven to be the most effective in the recovery of children with autism.
Research has shown that up to 49% of children enrolled in early and intensive intervention programs and intensive (15 – 40 hours weekly) have the chance to become independent and make good progress.