Skills Assessment

Every child is different and special at the same time.  The assessment of skills develops an effective Individualized Education Program for a child. In the center you will benefit from an initial evaluation of child’s current skills and Personalized Education Program coordinated by our center supervisor. 

Evaluation tools after we work are: Carolina Curriculum and Portage:

CAROLINA CURRICULUM. Comprised two skill scales:  

  • Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers Carolina with Special needs

  • Carolina Curriculum for preschoolers with special needs.

 The purpose of these scales is to provide overviews on child development and can serve as a basis for the selection of educational objectives. 

PORTAGE TEST. Includes 5 scales:

  • Language

  • Social Interaction

  • Self-help skills

  • Cognitive skills

  • Motor skills

Portage tests can assess motor and Psychomotricity skills of kids (with ages up to 6 years) and can be helpful in two main directions: a) provides with criterion-referenced information regarding a child’s current skills and at which level he have to be according with his age; b) a second directive is effective evaluation of the child at a certain age, which can give a representation about the areas that the child does not cover and where he needs help to learn.